There is a way!

a step to project 1

I think I found a breakthrough to my project 1… Tracey had this idea of developing a typeface in the crit 1 session on Monday. After playing around with some organic structures and letters (see above) I found that some more research on ‘Slowness’, ‘Slowing down in life’ and ‘Stop and and look around’ etc could be useful. And really – there is this idea of ‘Slow Design‘. It is inspired by the ‘Slow Food’ movement and has a similar philosophical background. It basically puts people first and promotes quality and sustainability. There is also this idea of slowing down project processes would make the outcome much more valuable. [example] Sounds obvious. But it seems to be a completely new development in design.
Now my project: I will (start to) develop a ‘slow (computer) keyboard’…
Ah yes: We had a power cut today, so no Banquet, the college was closed…

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